What is the worlds heaviest house cat?



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    The world’s heaviest house cat was recorded at 46 pounds. After a cat in Russia came in at 44 pounds, the Guinness Book of World Records stopped receiving entries for “the world’s heaviest house cat” category because they thought it was cruel to encourage people to overfeed their pets.

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    “Katy, a Siamese cat from Russia, is believed to be the un-proclaimed fattest cat in the world. She was recorded to weigh 50 pounds in February of 2003, 3 pounds heavier than Himmy, the heaviest cat in the 1987 Guinness Book of World Records.” After Himmy’s death, Guinness stopped recording the heaviest pets to discourage owners from endangering the health of their pets by over-feeding them. The cat’s owner Tamara Yapugova said Katy’s size was partly because she was fed hormones to stop her from mating.

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