What is the world’s greenest ship?



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    One of the modern contenders would have to be the Celebrity Equinox, one of the Celebrity Cruise fleet which is owned by Royal Caribbean. It gathers a significant portion of its energy from over 200 solar panels, it has a special coating that reduces resistance as it moves and therefore decreases energy consumption, and uses an advanced system for purifying and recycling wastewater.

    Sailing ships also have the potential to be more green because they can sail just by capturing wind in sails or by the manpower of rowing. Learn more about these ships, including the Royal Clipper, on the second link below.

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    One strategy is to attach solar panels to ships. Sailing ships are also making a comeback. There is also a technology to add “skysails” to small freighters. They claim, “Depending on the prevailing wind conditions, a ship’s average annual fuel costs can be reduced by 10 to 35%.”

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