What is the worlds busiest ocean for commercial trade?…



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    The busiest ocean in the world is the Atlantic ocean. This ocean links the America’s to Europe and Africa. These countries constitute the majority of the developed countries and thus demand the most goods. The Atlantic ocean spans over 32 million square miles.

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    The Atlantic is the busiest ocean for commericial trade in the world, as cox01 states. The Atlantic has a long history of commerce and shipping. The Carthaginians were the first to initiate trade in these waters between the Mediterranean Sea and the north east Atlantic Ocean. From the 7th century CE the Scandanavians navigated the Atlantic and probably reached Norht America around the year 1000. By the time colonial powers began to rise in the 1500s, trade roots to Africa were opened up by Protugal. The slave trade above all produced a long standing tradition of trade in the Atlantic Ocean. Interestingly enough, the Atlantic Ocean grows wider by one inch each year and the Pacific Ocean shrinks by an inch because of the movement of the earth. 

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