What world religions embrace nature?



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    Buddhism is one religion that embraces nature.  When the Buddhist texts were written, the time of Buddha Gotama, the Buddhist cultures were very intuned with nature.  There are still cultures that practice lifestyles that are as respectful to nature, such as in Tibet.  The idea of interconnectivity and oneness with all other beings as well as all of nature was and has been prevalent. 

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    In the Buddhist religion, people take vows to cause no harm to any sentient beings which serves to protect animals and their environments. 

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    It is important to note that many religions and religious activities have taken a green turn. Many Churches, Mosques, and temples are saving electricity by using more efficient lights, and in some cases, even solar power.  Muslims in particular have gone to several green lengths, including making Ramadan and the Hajj more green by encouraging public transportation and creating educational programs about the environment.

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    Texts from many (perhaps any) religions can be interpreted as environmentally-conscious. And actions by many religiously-minded environmental groups show that practitioners from a variety of faiths care for the environment. However, off the top of my head, I can think of a few religions in particular that have environmental stewardship written into their doctrines. Firstly, Paganism and Wicca, in their modern forms, have an earth-centered view of faith and religion. The protection of nature, including trees and animals, is extremely important to many Pagans, perhaps even central to their belief. In Asia, Jains believe in absolute  non-harming towards living things, causing them to both eat a vegetarian diet and protect the natural environmental. Buddhism and Hinduism also advocated vegetarianism and non-harming (ahimsa).

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