What in the world is the Peugot Globule?



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    The Peugeot Globule is an electric car that is made of four different components and all connected by a centralized battery. One major feature of this care is its shape shifting capabilities, allowing it to rearrange its shape to adapt to its environment and fit in spaces of varying sizes. Check out the article and pictures in the link below.

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    Peugeot Globule is concept vehicle that is made up of four separate spheres that move together in a globule shape. Each sphere accommodates a single passenger and is individually powered by an electric motor. The four spherical parts are connected to a central battery. It’s a shape shifting car with various different possible arrangements. The biggest benefit is that the pods can stack up to then park in a space that’s only 130 cm x 130 cm (about 4.27 ft by 4.27 ft). For bigger families, more pods can be added to the configuration. Right now it’s still a concept, pure fantasy.

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