What is the World Of Islands in Dubai?



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    “The World” or the “World Islands” is a cluster of man-made islands off the coast of Dubai shaped to represent the land masses of the world. It was an attempt to become a place of luxury living for the world’s stars and millionaires. Considered possibily the most ambitious building project in history, the World Islands were built by shipping 31 million tons of rock and sand with plans to build luxury mansions atop them. But the global economic crisis stalled building, and now the islands are reportedly eroding away into the sea, the countries represented no longer really recognizable.

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    Just a little more information in addition to that above—the “islands” are reportedly eroding an deteriorating back into the ocean and the channels between the islands are filling with silt, making boat transportation between difficult and even dangerous. About 70 percent of the islands have been sold, purportedly with the intention of building huge, luxury mansions on them, but only one has complete development on it, and all other construction on commercial and residential properties ended in December of 2010 due to financial issues as well as, apparently, the erosion issues.

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