What is the word for nature in different languages?



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    Try the wesbite nicetranslator.com for multiple definitions of one word.

    The only thing is it does not tell you how to pronounce the words, which is lame.

    In the following languages, the word is also Nature, or Natura (a) or similar:

    Catalan (a), Dutch (natuur), French, German (Natur), Italian (a), Norwegian (natur), Portuguese (natureza), Spanish (naturaleza), Romanian (a), Swedish (natur)

    In russian, it is pronounced pre-roda ( природа ) and the word is the same in ukrainian and bulgarian.


    Awesome site though! Put in your name!

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    Google Translate is pretty excellent too.

    You can hear a recording of the translated word, which should help with pronunciation. If available, they also offer alternative words with suggested meanings.


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