What is women’s unique role in saving the planet?



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    On a world-wide level, it would be difficult to believe that women are in a different position than men when it comes to saving the environment. Women and men need the same resources to survive. Any different in resources actually used would be cultural and change from country to country.

    I do not think women have a unique role in saving the planet because half the worlds population are women and need to do the exact same thing men do to save the Earth.

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    One way that women can play a unique role in “saving the planet” is through their reproductive choices. Overpopulation is a significant factor in how our future will unfold; many of the problems that are contributing to environmental degradation, climate change, and resource exploitation is the huge demand for products by the ever-growing population of the planet. Women can take it upon themselves to use birth control to regulate the number of children they have and wait until they are ready, both emotionally and financially, to support children; to choose to adopt or not have children at all; and to educate themselves about the impact that pregnancy, delivery, and raising a child can have on the environment and the world around them. Male partners can, of course, play a role in these decisions, but women can really empower themselves by being educated and making informed choices about their reproductive rights and whether they choose to invoke them.

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