What is the Wolf Hunt in Sweden?



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    Apparently, in 2010, Sweden deemed that the appopriate number of wolves to have in the country was 210.  This after a 45 year ban on wolf hunting originally implemented to protect dwindling wolf populations.  The ban on wolf hunting was lifted last year to allow the Swedish to deal with nuisance wolves doing damage to local livestock.  Special hunting licenses are issues after the number of wolves in the country has been appraised.


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    The Wolf Hunt that takes place in Sweden is in effect to control the wolf population. Every year, hunters are allowed to kill a certain quota of wolves. There were about 200 wolves in Sweden as of 2011. That year, 20 wolves were permitted to be killed. The Wolf Hunt stopped in 1964 because the wolf population was too low. It was reinstated in 2010. Swedes want to keep the wolf population down because they are a threat to their dogs and livestock. 

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