What is a “wisent?”



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    A wisent is also known as the European bison. The wisent is the largest living land animal in Europe and weighs between 600 and 2000 pounds, which is typically smaller than the American bison.

    It is currently considered “vulnerable” on the endangered species list.  

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    The wisent is usually about 10 feet long and 6-7 feet tall, and weighs between 600-2,000 pounds. They have shorter hair on the neck, head, and forequarters, and longer tail and horns compared to the American Bison. Some other differences between the American Bison and wisent is that wisents have 14 pairs of ribs while bison have 15, wisents are taller and have longer legs. Wisents also tend browse more, an graze less than the American bison. Wisents live in both mixed and solely male groups. The mixed groups consist of cows, calves, and young adult bulls, with the average herd size ranging from 8-13 animals. 

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