What will the world look like in 10 years?



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    This is impossible to answer with any reasonable accuracy, of course, because no one can really predict that far ahead. Environmentally speaking, I am hopeful that by 2019 most countries will have passed aggressive carbon measures, such as a cap-and-trade system. Despite a growing human population, I think that in ten years the world will finally have a trend of decreasing carbon emissions rather than the continual increases we have been seeing. In 10 years we will have better scientific knowledge, and the efficiency of our solar panels and wind turbines will be better. We may be well underway into implementing a smart grid energy delivery system that will more efficiently allocate energy. Finally, I think people will on average be more environmentally conscious and more environmentally friendly in their personal lives. However, global warming will continue to worsen and we will have to live with the negative environmental effects we have already produced.

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