What will the Smithsonian do as part of its “Inspiring Generations Through Knowledge and Discovery” plan?



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    The mission of The Smithsonian is as follows:

    “The increase and diffusion of knowledge”

    In order to achieve this mission, the Smithsonian has laid out a plan through the fiscal year 2015. Some actions that will be taken by the Smithsonian will include: establishing a center where scientists will be able to work together to answer the “big questions” about the beginnings of the universe, work on the creation of the Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT), continue to grow the museum’s collection, “create a seamless digital view of the universe,” and overall create an environment that lends itself to increased research, learning and the worldwide sharing of knowledge. 


    The Smithsonian lays out a very detailed plan with objectives and strategies; I have included the link below. 

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