What will a smart city look like?



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    There are several different ways to plan a smart city that utilizes the best energy-efficient technologies and incorporates green infrastructure.

    One important part of building a smart city is to make it easy for people to live without cars. This can be accomplished by building residences close to places where people work and maintaining a certain vacancy rate so that most of the population can move close to where they work and walk or bicycle there. Making buildings tall and close together is also a good way to maximize the likelihood that people will choose not to use motorized private transportation. Building the city on a grid system and doing the same with the public transportation system can also help people avoid cars. Part of the problem with many modern public transportation systems is that they are confusing to people and it is difficult to figure out which route to take. With a grid, things are much simpler.

    Those are just some things that can be done to build a smart city. I recommend reading more to learn more 🙂

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