what will scientists do when they catch a nutrino?

i think it is silly to try so and very dangerous…imagine what would happen if there was a nuclear explosion a mile down in the earths crust!



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    I think they’re hoping to understand more of how suns produce so much energy, as neutrinos are one of the major by-products of a sun’s nuclear fusion process.  I also think they would have a scientist party with all their scientist friends.  They would serve Sun Tea, Sun Chips, and Midnight Sun Brewing Co. Beer to keep in theme with their scientific achievement.  Also, scientists love theme parties.

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    What they are trying to do is understand why the universe is the way it is.  Neutrinos are among the most abundant particles in the universe and were present at the very beginning of the universe and those same neutrinos are present today.  Scientists believe that these neutrinos are the source for the matter/anti-matter asymmetry of the universe and that they may be a way to explain how things happened in the beginning.  So they will be looking for a process and then an anti-process, how neutrinos change from one type to another – and to do this, they must experiment. 

    Regardless of what they find, scientific experimentation can lead to many other finds and questions (even if you find out what you though twould happen doesn’t happen) and broadens our knowledge overall, so it is generally a good thing!

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