What will president obama’s legacy on climate change be?



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    President Obama has already stated that he will make climate change a “national priority” in January 2009.

    Obama signed two memorandums:

    One which he called “a down payment on a broader and sustained effort to reduce our dependence on foreign oil” and directed the Department of Transportation to establish higher fuel efficiency standards for carmakers’ in 2011.

    The second memo directed the Environmental Protection Agency to reconsider a petition in California, suggesting it set more strict limits on greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles.

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    To date, President Obama has undertaken a number of initiatives intended to promote clean energy and reduce climate change. He has created an Energy Partnership for the Americas, which is dedicated to increase investigation into alternative energy solutions and encourage their use in the Carribean and Latin America. Additionally, he has created regulations encouraging farmers to be more energy-efficient, created a number of energy-related tax credits, and created grants that encourage energy-efficient building codes. A great deal more information is available through the link below.

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