what will los angeles look like in 100 years?



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    Someone else will probably answer their own opinion for this question but here is mine. Undoubtedly, in the next decade, the people that make up the beautiful Los Angeles will change. It may not be the city of lights and dreams of “Hollywood” but maybe one of the greenest. Ok ok, maybe at least a little greener. Most likely though, Los Angeles public transportation will evolve, especially with the Subway under the Sea and the High Speed Rail. Architecture will change and even right now, California in general has experienced many cross immigrations into other states. So LA might just house a different type of population. In terms of physical aspects, the tectonic plates that the state boundaries of California lay on are continuously moving, which makes the west coast highly active. Los Angeles’ spatial location on a map may not be where it is today, even though 100 years is a relatively small amount of time for that sort of movement. There may be earthquakes that can also change how LA looks like.

    The future of LA is really out in the open.

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