What will the houses look like in the future?



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    I think we can expect houses to start to prominently feature green practices, such as vertical gardens or green roofs, solar panels, rain water collection, outdoor and screened spaces, and southern orientation. These are fairly common and simple green design techniques. As to the particular style they’ll be (Modern, Contemporary, Victorian, etc), that I can’t really take a guess at.

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    That also depends on the wealth level of future residents of houses. Richer families will be able to afford more of those green options listed above (as green options are usually a bit more expensive). As for design, I think the richer families will be able to afford more modern and unprecedented designs. They’re the ones who can afford to hire the innovative and expensive architects. I have driven around the neighborhoods of Laguna Beach, which is one of the richest areas in America, and as the houses got larger, they got more and more “modern” looking and had more designs that I had not seen before. (By modern I mean bamboo and rock designs in the garden, glass walls, slanted roofs, etc.)

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