What will have to change if we want to start producing food locally?



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    First off we would have to eliminate the number of large grocery markets, which would be very hard to do. Theoretically, if enough people wanted this to happen, the government could impose taxes on food that is transported over a certain distance, since many larger markets import their food from far away. Along with this there could be price reductions, or rebates offered to those who by locally grown food. Also there would have to be protection laws put into the place for the local growers so that they don’t get bought out or put out of business by larger food producers. Before any of this happens though we need to get more people to support these types of initiatives in their local areas.

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    Nothing, we produce food locally within the U.S. already. The real question would be what do we need to do to produce food locally without subsidies. The answer to this question would be prepare to pay a lot more for groceries, or for farmers to only produce crops which we actually have a comparative advantage to other countries in production

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