What will happen to the world if we get rid of our rainforests?



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    The temperature of our planet on average would rise. We only have about 20% of our world’s original tropical forests left. If these forests were cleared, our planet would lose 3500 species of plants and animal. Such a loss of biodiversity would prevent scientists from studying these animals and potentially find a cure for diseases. Biodiversity is also important because one species that could be nearly wiped out by a disease or a fungus might have a cousin that has a genetic adaption to resist the disease. This happened during the great potato famine; the potatoes grown in Ireland were attacked by a fungus, causing many people to starve.

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    Another important fact is that the trees in the rain forests produce oxygen. The fewer trees left on this planet, the more smog we will have to endure. Luckily algae also produces oxygen.

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