What will happen as polar bear and grizzly bears start to live closer to each other?



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    Apparently, in Canada, Grizzly bears have been moving into Polar bear territory. This can cause huge problems for the bears as fights could break out, affecting the populations of either species of bear. They could potentially mate and produce hybrid offspring. 

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    Contact between the two species of bear is rare, but whenever it does occur, the grizzly tends to be the aggressor. This is because grizzly bears tend to be more territorial while polar bears are not. Polar bears are normally cautious in confrontations, and often choose to escape rather than fight. 

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         Polar bears and grizzly bears have already interbred in some places. The first wild poar-grizzly bear hybrid was discovered in 2006. Called Pizzly bears, grolar bears, or prizzly bears, these hybrids are expected to become more common as polar bears move south.

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