What will happen if you take a dog from its mom before the 6 week mark?



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    Many negative effects occur when you separate puppies from mothers too early. First, young puppies cannot maintain their own body heat, so they may become hypothermic and die. Puppies also benefit greatly from nursing for the first few weeks of life, which passes the mother’s antibodies and nutrition onto the puppy. Separating the puppies too early could also have negative social effects on the puppies.

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    Along with the possible health problems there are a lot of socialization problems associated with taking a puppy from the mom and littermates before 6 weeks.  The mom teaches the pups how to be dogs and, with a good owner, how to relate to people.  Play with littermates teaches very important things like bite control.  If you want the puppy earlier maybe you could either visit it or “borrow” it for a few hours a day so that it comes to know you.

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    Mom’s give puppies essential nutrients during their first few weeks of life. Mother dogs also teach good behavior by rewarding/punishing the puppies and their siblings.  Before 6 weeks is a very important socialization period for any puppy. You also want to make sure that the puppy is weaned before you take him/her home — taking the dog away too early can hurt it’s immune system. 

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