What will happen if you have a ring worm?



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    There are several different types of ringworm: ringworm of the skin, scalp, beard, etc. Symptoms generally include a rash, itching, scaly skin, all in the affected area. It can start as athlete’s foot fungus, and travel to other areas of the body, like the groin. The most common symptom with each case is rash.

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    Ring worm is a fungus that causes an itchy rash. The rash may be ring shaped or it may just be red. Ring worm can also manifest as jock itch or look like athletes foot on your hands.

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    Ringworm of the scalp usually begins as a small pimple that becomes larger, leaving scaly patches of temporary baldnessInfected hairs become brittle and break off easilyYellowish crusty areas sometimes develop.

    Ringworm of the body shows up as a flat, round patch anywhere on the skin except for the scalp and feetThe groin is a common area of infection (groin Ringworm)As the rash gradually expands, its center clears to produce a ringMore than one patch might appear, and the patches can overlapThe area is sometimes itchy.

    Ringworm of the foot is also called athlete’s footIt appears as a scaling or cracking of the skin, especially between the toes.

    Ringworm of the nails causes the affected nails to become thicker, discolored, and brittle, or to become chalky and disintegrate. “

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    It is a fungal infection of the skin and scalp that usually causes an itchy rash. The rash can resemble a ring shaped worm or appear like a red scab. Fungi loves to hide in warm, moist areas so be cautious of the cleanliness of such areas. Ringworm can affect the nails, groin, feet, beard, and facial hair.

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    Ring worms are fungus  and it causes an itchy rash. They are very irratating and un toreable.One year ago, it’s develops on my foot sole and make my life hell.

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