What will happen if we don’t find out whats wrong with the north american bee population soon?



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    Well naturally. lower bee population means lower cross-pollination between flowers, and less honey.  This could raise the price of honey….but even worse decay ecosystems due to lack of pollination. 

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    As with many things in nature, the system is very complicated and there is much we do not understand about the biology of organisms involved. It is obvious that this problemis bad for the honey bees. However, if bees die off, some flowers depend only on them for pollination and the flowers will also die. Other organisms may feed on those flowers and they too will die.

    Research and education are very important and we must study the natural history of all organisms to learn as much as possible before they are lost.

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    Bees are an important aspect of the ecosystem. If the bee population were to diminish, or became extinct in an area, it would effect certain plant populations because they would be unable to breed with other flowers of their species. This would cause the local disappearance of some plant species, which would result in the local extinction of some animal species unless they found a new plant species to consume.

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