What will happen if we cut down too many trees?



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    If we continue to cut down trees for development and such, we affect two main issues. First is the destruction of ecosystems that require trees as habitat or food. If these ecosystems are disrupted, then so will our food supply since trees provide habitat for our own food sources as well as soil stabilization and wind control. The second issue is that the vital role of trees in carbon sequestration will continue to be affected. Trees take a significant amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for growth and development, but if trees are continuously taken down then carbon sequestration will decrease even more.

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      The answer is technically valid, but it does not answer the bigger question: “What causes people to overcut their trees?” A clue can be found in Haiti, the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere, where tree cutting is 90% or more. The people have very little economic freedom, and thus have depleted their natural resources. Free, prosperous countries like the US or Germany have no need to do this.

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