What will happen if we cut down too many trees?



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    Trees are some of the biggest carbon dioxide-consumers on the planet. They take in carbon dioxide, and produce oxygen. When too many trees are cut down, carbon dioxide goes even further out of control in the atmosphere (since it isn’t being kept in check by the photosynthesis of massive plants), causing an even greater warming effect. Arguably, we have already cut down too many trees.

    Also, when trees are completely clear-cut from an area, the whole place gets devastated. An ecosystem is ruined, a local economy gets a small boost for a short period but then plummets, and the surrounding areas must shoulder the burden.

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    Trees are what are called “carbon sinks” — they take in lots of carbon dioxide and trap it from otherwise being emitted into the atmosphere.  Trees are one of our best defenses against climate change.  Not only do they store carbon dioxide, they also emit large amounts of oxygen that helps to purify the air all around the world.  If we cut down too many trees, we will lose this valuable resource that is so important in the battle against global warming.  

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    How long will a pine tree give off oxygen after you cut it down?

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