what will happen if the people will continue throwing the garbage in the river?



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    If the garbage has been treated ,then it is ok ,but too much of disposal of garbage will lead to water pollution.The chemicals in the waste pollute the water of the river. The chemical contained waste are eaten up by the aquatic living organisms due to that they will die or caught up by severe diseases.Also we must not be able to get clean water for our survival purposes.As we know there is limited amount of surface water which is good for human use, or survival must be in danger.

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    Throwing any type of garbage in a river is a very bad idea, since most rivers lead to the ocean. As of right now there is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is a giant collection of trash floating out at sea. This garbage patch causes many health problems for ocean life, since they swin in and eat this trash. Humans can also develop health problems from swmming in contaminated water. Overall, it’s best not to throw garbage into the rivers. 

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