What will happen if Japan doesn’t comply with the tuna ban?



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    The tuna populations will be the most affected by Japan dismissing the tuna ban. The rising popularity of tuna for sushi, sashimi, etc has caused a dramatic decline in the species and has raised great concern in the furure of the species. The Blue Fin tuna’s population has decreased by 80% since 1970 and shows no promise of a reversal.

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    Legally speaking, nothing is going to happen to Japan, as the tuna ban did not, in fact, pass.  There are quotas in place for how much bluefin tuna can be caught, and the Japanese government has expressed its desire to approach the issue of its decline in this manner; that is, by sticking to the quota.  If the worst came to be, and the bluefin tuna stocks were depleted, the effects in the tuna market would not be catastrophic, as cheaper varieties are actually the most popular, and other varieties would be farmed and caught.  This says nothing, however, about the effects that sort of depletion would have on the ecosystem.

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