what will happen if the forests will disappear?what will be the main happenings?

we may not get houses to live and may loss our lifes



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    Our planet relys on forests for many different things.  If our forests were to suddenly vanish, the consequences would be tremendous.  For one thing, trees and other forsest plants are essential to controlling the levels of carbon dioxide in the air and increasing the amount of oxygen through photosynthesis.  Without forests, carbon dioxide would be building up even faster than it already is.  Forests are also important as homes for many animals, including humans.  Animals that live in forests rely on them for shelter and food, and would likely suffer if the forests no longer existed.  Moreover, trees protect soil from wind and water errosion and soak up rain water and slowly release it into water sources.  Without forests, water from rain would simply flow over the open land (taking the soil with it), causing flooding in some areas, while leaving others barren.

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    Going off of what maddie mentioned, there would be a lot of extinct animals if the forests disappeared. These animals rely on a certain type of habitat in order to survive, and without that they would certainly go extinct. Global warming would also be much more severe than it already is today, since the world’s trees hold a lot of carbon dioxide. All of that would be released into the atmosphere, possibly causing even more ice to melt in the arctics and raise global sea levels. It’s important to protect and conserve our forests, since they are a valuable and fragile ecosystem. 

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