What will happen if forest fires don’t stop?



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    Forest fires should not stop. They are a natural occurrence that often can renew life as it destroys it, much like lightning. forst fires:
    – primarily burn undergrowth and leaf litter.
    -can prevent larger, more serious “crown fires” from occurring.
    -By burning forest litter, these fires release nutrients present in forest litter that would otherwise decompose very slowly.
    -Surface fires can also spur the germination of plants, especially conifers such as the giant sequoia, the lodgepole pine, and the jack pine. These trees’ pinecones need to be exposed to extreme heat before they can be released from the cone itself and germinate.
    – Such fires help reduce the number of pathogens and insects.
    – Surface fires create or help to maintain habitat for animals such as deer, moose, elk, muskrat, woodcock, and quail by burning back or thinning sections of the forest.

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    It is a common misconception that ALL forest fires are bad, and so many organizations and agencies have taken special care to halt any and all wildfires. The problem is that nature forest fires are a part of the life cycle, and helps to thin out forest of their dead and dry plants. These wildfires also keep nutrients in the ground, keep forest from overgrowth. This overgrowth has resulted in too many trees per square mile, causing plant life to fight for water, nutrients and root space. Controlled fires should be allowed to let the natural processes take place in forests.

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