What will happen if the coral reefs die?



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    Coral reefs play an important role in the ocean’s ecosystems. If coral reefs become extinct, it will endanger all of the species of fish that depend on it for food. Their absence will also cause erosion on ocean shores. The absence of coral reefs will have many ecological, economical, and geological effects. You can read more about what coral reefs do, and the dangers they’re in below.

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    Coral reefs are home to an incredible amount of plant and animal diversity.  For example, even though coral reefs only cover about 0.2% of the ocean, it’s estimated that they’re the only place you can find one third of all the oceans’ fish species! If coral reefs die out, so will a huge percentage of fish in the sea. Both wild animals and human communities depend on those fish for their survival. 

    Citation: Essentials of Conservation Biology, 2010 (5th ed). Pg. 186.

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