What will happen if bees disappear?



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    One third of our food supply will disappear. That’s just the part we know for sure. 

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    Though many may not think twice about it, the disappearance of bees can actually be quite detrimental to the world in which we live. Fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts are all dependent on bees. Even cow and pig feed rely on bees. That being said, without bees, we could see a reduction in dairy production. Cotton plants would also be effected by the loss of bees – they are dependent on bee pollination, and without the flying insects, cotton clothing and other material-based items may be reduced.

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    First of all, bees are important pollinators in this world. Without bees, we would lose pollinators and therefore the maority of our vegetables and fruits would not be pollinated and grown. With a traumatic decline in fruits and vegetables, society can definitely expect an alarming increase in price for vegetables and fruits since there will be not enough for everyone.
    In Szechuan, China, the bee population is wiped out and men are forced to help the process of pollination by using paint brushes to pollinate fruit trees. Can you even imagine how much man power that is and how much our fruits and vegetables would cost?

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