What will happen to frogs if they don’t stay moist?



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         Frogs absorb oxygen through their skin in addition to their lungs. If their skin dries out, they can’t absorb oxygen and eventually they suffocate.

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    Most frogs have delicate skin that must be kept moist. If not, they become dehydrated and may die. Other species will not be able to respirate properly (many frogs breathe through their skin in addition to their lungs).

    However, there are some frogs that have barriers to dehydration. Some monkeyfrogs will coat themselves with a slime that they secrete. They use their back legs to coat their entire body and then they can withstand a reduce in moisture. Some frogs like spayfoot toads actually live in the desert and other very dry areas. They burrow into the ground and stay there for very long periods of time (sometimes for more than a year) while they wait for rains to come.

    Other frogs are able to build a type of cocoon around themselves in the driest times of the year and help hold in moisture. These frogs live in the dry regions of South America where rains come seasonally.

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