What will happen to a frog if it doesn’t have water to swim in?



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    It depends on the species of frog, many will die if they lack water for too long. Frogs spawn in fresh water, and tadpoles hatch in fresh water and require fresh water for swimming as they develop. As adults, however, some frogs rarely swim, such as tree frogs. The water holding frog of Australia can go up to two years without water, burying itself in mud. The western toad, found in much of the US, also estivates in mud for months at a time.

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    They key is that most species of frogs have to keep their skin moist. One way they do this is to remain close to or in the water. Some species of frogs, including many toads, can survive without water for extended periods because their skin is in as delicate and maintains more water inside of the frogs. Some frogs have behaviors, like developing a type of case to skin in, burrowing in the ground, and coating themselves with slime, that allows them to not have to be in water.

    However, if it is a breeding season and the frog lays its eggs in the water, it is essential that they can swim in the water. The male and female will mate and relase the eggs and sperm while swimmning.

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    they will perish

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