What will GE’s sale of its stake in NBC to Comcast mean for consumers?



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    Comcast – I have never heard of a more hated company… (i’m not a big fan myself)

    There’s been a lot of speculation that if Comcast were to acquire a 51% stake of NBC then Comcast would have editorial control over the programming on broadcast NBC stations – NBC, Hulu, USA, Bravo, Syfy, Oxygen, Versus, CNBC, MSNBC, Universal Pictures movie studio, Telemundo, Universal Studios parks, Focus Features, and broadcast rights to the 2012 Olympics.  Comcast has shown that they are fully capable of censorship to the detriment of its consumers.  Remember in 2007 when the Associated Press found that Comcast was blocking file-sharing programs that ate up bandwidth?  The FCC ordered Comcast not to block online file-sharing services like BitTorrent.  Comcast appealed the decision.

    But then again, Comcast coming on board will mean that consumers will be able to have access to media anywhere, anytime.  Comcast is certainly very capable of creating a multiplatform for developing and distributing media.  They’ve got a firm stranglehold on being a cable provider, it is the country’s largest internet provider, and third largest phone service provider.  Comcast is in 38 states and has over 24 million subscribers. 

    If Comcast can curb its urge to control media content, I’d venture to say that it may be more benefical for consumers rather than detrimental.  Consumers are demanding anytime, anywhere media and Comcast is certainly capable of providing it.

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