What will an electric vehicle task force accomplish?



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    Here’s what it means for Australians in New South Wales:

    The NSW Government has established an Electric Vehicles Taskforce to explore opportunities and barriers to electric vehicle uptake in NSW. The taskforce is reviewing the technology, infrastructure, policy, and legislation to support the uptake of electric vehicles by NSW motorists.

    The Taskforce consists of representatives from DECCW, the NSW Transport and Infrastructure, Department of Premier and Cabinet, NSW Treasury, Department of Services, Technology and Administration, Country Energy, EnergyAustralia, and Department of Industry and Investment.

    As part of the exploratory work of the Electric Vehicles Taskforce, DECCW commissioned the development of a model to investigate the economic viability of electric vehicles in the Sydney Greater Metropolitan Region. The modelling showed that electric vehicles are both economically and financially viable, but that the benefits accrue over the longer term. The results of the modelling are summarised in:

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