What will cause brown spots on a lawn?

The grass has spider web like things in them then the spot turns brown.



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    These spider-web like spots could be a fungal disease known as Sclerotinia Homeocarpa. This fungus attacks during periods of high humidity, usually when the turf is either leaving or entering dormancy. 

    It might also be spider-mites, but these are more prevalent in evergreen trees.

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    Although it sounds like your lawn does probably have a fungal infection, brown spots can also be caused by poor drainage.  If water is allowed to sit on a patch of grass for too long, the roots will die and turn the grass brown.  

    If the brown patches are in fact caused by fungus, one way to prevent the growth of fungus is by avoiding late spring/summer fertilization.  Application of fertilizer that far into the growing season tends to jump start fungal growth and cause brown spots. 

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    It sounds like your lawn might be suffering from a mite infestation.  These are common in areas with dry winters.  One of the ways to correct mite infestations is to remove affected areas and reseed.  You can take the infected turf area, cut out a patch, and shake it onto white paper.  Then take the collected insects to your local cooperative extension service, they should be able to positively identify them and give you some treatment options.  Keeping grass fairly short before winter assists in future prevention.

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    Since I have a dog, our grass in my backyard has many brown spots from dog urine. Many people may not know but fertilizer and dog urine contain a lot of nitrogen. When dog urine interacts with the grass that already has enough nitrogen (from fertilizer), then the grass will start to die. This explains why there are random brown patches in my grass where my dog urinates. Some possible solutions to this are to water the spots with dog urine, or to dig out the brown grass and hydrate the soil. Hopefully this helps!

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