What will be the long term consequences of global warming?



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    Global warming, or climate change, refers to the worldwide phenomenon of changing temperatures and weather patterns due to human influence.  The longterm consequences will include warmer temperatures that lead to glaciers melting and consequently sea level rise.  Sea level rise will harm communities living close to the water, ranging from Bangladesh to Texas.  Another consequence of sea level rise is the infiltration of salt water into freshwater sources like wetlands.  Higher temperatures will also cause drought in areas that are already hot.

    Ecosystems are sensitive; a change in climate will adversely affect the animals and vegetation anywhere that it occurs.  This will increase the rate of extinction.  Additionally, diseases like malaria that require warm, moist climates, will have a higher rate of prevalence.

    Finally, the stress on resources and environment is predicted to cause more conflict due to water shortage, land shortage from sea level rise, and resource depletion.

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