What will be the likely impact of the revised FTC Green Guides?



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    Basically, there will be less misunderstanding when the ‘green’ lable is used. It’s thrown around now as an advertising tool, and while tons of products can truly be considered ‘green,’ they’re currently getting lumped in with some posers.  The new green guides will crack down on false seals of approval and certificates for environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices, and make sure the products and companies calling themselves ‘green’ are up to snuff.  It will also (hopefully) serve to educate the public a little more by drawing attention to the story, so consumers will be better prepared to know what exactly being ‘green’ truly means.

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    The Green Guides were revised because company advertisements were somewhat misleading to the public.  What the public expected was not always what they actually received.  The revised guides will help businesses better explain and meet the needs of the consumers.  Companies are cautioned not to use terms such as eco-friendly, because most consumers thought this term meant the product held certain environmental perks.  Simplifying things to read biodegradable or compostable should help with advertising confusion.

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