What will be the consequences of unchecked fishing in the arctic?



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    Overfishing can be a problem because it forces changes in the entire arctic ecosystem.  Especially now, with climate change exposing areas that were once inaccessible to fishing boats, it poses a threat because exploitation of various species is likely to occur.  When one species of fish is exploited, it affects various others in the food web.

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    In reality we don’t really know the extent of the consequences. We know of some consequences, for example the dent commercial fishing could put into the food web, or how marine traffic could damage the local ecosystems, however the reason for attention is simply because we don’t have a complete valid analysis of the issue.

    This also gives us time to hash out international treaties on either side of the issue. Communication has already started between arctic boarding countries.

    Better safe than sorry, better to protect before we notice massive declines.

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    Like anywhere else, over fishing in the Arctic will disrupt ecosystems/food chains leading to extinctions, possible climate change, etc. The arctic is believed to be particularly vulnerable because of rapidly changing climate conditions and habitats are already putting stress on animal populations there. In December of 2009, the US government  marked 200,000 square miles of arctic water as protected from comercial fishing, marking it instead for increased research into arctic habitats and climate.

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    As Mjkonopisos above me has stated; the Arctic ecosystem is particularly fragile, especially fish who can die due to what we might consider very mild temperature changes. Commercial fishing would definitely affect the temperature of the waters. My article is a bit dated but it’s still true! 

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