what wildlife problem is caused by the automobile?



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    Automobiles put pollution into the air which is the main problem caused by automobiles.  If you look along a lot of highways, you will notice that the trees right along the edge are not as healthy because they absorb many of the harmful gasses that automobiles produce.  Automobiles produce CO2 which is a greenhouse gas and is causing global warming.  They also produce nitrogen oxides which lead to acid rain and also are green house gases, and other hydrocarbons which are toxic to both plants and animals.  While an individual car does not produce enough of these to cause noticeable damage, the massive quantity of cars on the road produce an extraordinary amount of emissions, which is why the idea of switching to hybrid and electric cars is so appealing.

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    Automobiles often leak fluids onto the roads with runoff into streams with the rain. This can contaminate the water supply for a wide variety of wildlife.

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