What is Whole Foods doing to help the environment?



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    Although taking care of the environment is one of their core values, I believe the way Whole foods has helped the environment the most is by helping to make going green trendy.  Unfortunately it seems in our society that ideas/beliefs/theories don’t catch on until they’re made mainstream and popular so that the average person 1. knows about the idea and 2. follows along.   By making green habits mainstream, more people have caught on which in a trickle-down effect helps the environment because the more people making even tiny changes in their behavior, the better!

    Whole Foods has contributed to the movement of making eco-friendly and green living mainstream because they cater to a crowd that is interested in high-quality foods and products — that also happen to be green.  That being said, I also think a fair number of people who shop at Whole Foods are dedicated eco-friendly fiends but Whole Foods makes the cross between that group and the group who might normally be kind of intimidated about going vegetarian or trying new foods/ideas.

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