What is the ‘Who killed the electric car’ documentary?



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    “Who Killed the Electric Car” is an award winning 2006 documentary about the electric cars that were produced in the mid 90s and why they no longer exist.

    The movie is informative and entertaining.

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    Not only is it informative and entertaining, but it is listed as one of the top 10 “important movies you should see” on Netflix. There is a lot of blame-laying by the writer-director Chris Paine on GM, the oil industry, and “apathetic” politicians. The documentary has inspired many discussions and is the basis of numerous websites on the topic of electric cars, not on the movie.

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    Basically, it is a documentary about the suspicious circumstances around the demise of electric cars. However, it does not mention, and we cannot truly know whether or not this was the reason why they were killed, that it failed safety tests.

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    “Who Killed the Electric Car” also was the third highest-grossing theatrical documentary of 2006 and won/ was nominated for multiple awards.

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