What is the White House’s monthly energy bill?



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    I couldn’t find any specific statistics on the White House’s energy usage (perhaps another Greenanswers contributor can). It’s possible that they have not been publicized, since, whatever they are, someone is bound to find fault with them. However, there are some interesting facts about energy in the White House. During his second term President George W Bush issued rules to the White House staff instituting measures to save energy such as lowering ambient temperatures, shutting off lights and computers and other simple practices. Similarly, conference rooms in the White House were equipped with motion sensors that turn off lights when everyone has left, and larger-scale projects such as the replacement of inefficient air conditioners (a changeover begun by W. Bush’s father) have been ongoing for years. These items sound pretty simple but add up over time to as much as a 25 to 30% energy reduction at the White House. Given his commitment to environmental issues there’s no indication that Obama has rolled back any of these measures. First Lady Michelle Obama made press by planting a garden on the White House grounds, and her husband made a photo-op in August 2009 when he donated to the Smithsonian some of the solar panels that President Jimmy Carter installed on the White House roof in 1979 in the midst of another energy crisis. (The panels were removed by Reagan in the 80s). Given all that goes on there I’m sure the White House’s energy usage is very high compared to other offices and residences of its size, but actual stats are pretty hard to come by.

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