What whales have the largest pods?



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    Typically, the smaller the whale, the bigger the pod. So, whales like orcas and pilot whales both can have pods around 40 or so whales, though it’s not typical.

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    In April 2010, scientists recorded right whales traveling in a group of 100. This is the largest pod of whales every recorded. Check out the link for more information. 

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    Orcas have complex social systems, consisting of materna units, pods and clans. Referring specifically to pods, orcas have some of the largest and most developed in terms of hunting cooperation, yet in terms of size aare similar to the right whale and pilot whale. However, Orca clans are much larger than their pods. Pods are typically around 30 individuals, but 100-member pods have been spotted near Alaska and near Antarctica. However, clans and herds (groups of pods or clans migrating together) can be up to 500.

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