What is the wettest part of Africa?



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    Debundscha, a Southwest Region of Cameroon, is said to be the wettest part of Africa. The town receives approximately 411.9 inches (10,299 millimeters) of rainfall annually. The town also accounts for one of the five rainiest places in the world. Because it is located in close proximity to the equator, Debundscha is affected by a monsoon climate. The town lies at the foot of Mount Cameroon, which forces winds to rise, and in turn, results in the formation of clouds that produce heavy rainfall.

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    Debundscha is the wettest place on the African continent because of its extremely heavy annual rainfalls. This village is included among the five rainiest places in the world because it receives an annual rainfall of 10,299 milimeters  Debundscha is located in the Southwestern Region, of the republic of Cameroon.

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