What were we doing in the 90’s to help the environment?



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    In the 90’s people were recycling, conserving water and gas, and they were very aware of air pollution and working to reduce carbon emissions to lower pollution in their areas.  Global warming was already being discussed as well as ways to counteract it and conversations about whether or not it was real continue even today.  Many people were involved in programs or donating time and money to plant more trees, save the Amazon, and working to save our wildlife. 

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    One big move in global warming’s history was in 1992 at the UN Summit in Rio de Janiro, Brazil. Over 1700 world scientist compiled information detailing the environmental damages incurred by fossil fuels. Agreements made at this conference would later lead to the Kyoto Protocol and steer the world toward post-carbon ambitions.

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    You can’t think 90’s without thinking about Bill Clinton. Growing nose, greening thumb. Al Gore may have helped a bit too. It’s hard to sum up the entire list of policy and initiatives during this decade/his presidency, without putting readers to sleep. The most noteworthy things we were doing in the 90’s to protect our environment: cleaning the air/reducing greenhouse emissions with National Ambient Air Quality Standards and protecting environmental innovation Common Sense Initiative, in addition to our forests NWFP.

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