What were some of the projects undertaken in the recent National Parks day of service?



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    At Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park (TX):

    The major activity for the day will be scattering grass seed at the Johnson Settlement. The scattering of the seed will be part of the long term prairie restoration.”

    At: National Capital Area Parks (DC/MD/VA/WV):

    Service projects will vary by site and include trail projects, river clean-ups and exotic plant removal.

    At: Rocky Mountain National Park (CO):

    Volunteers will build a new trail along the Continental Divide in the western side of the park.

    At: Valley Forge National Historical Park (PA)

    More than 200 volunteers will spend the day building trails, painting cannon, removing crayfish – an invasive species – from the river.


    All of this information is from the first link in the citation.  Check it out, and don’t forget that Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is also a Day Of Service!

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