What were some important signs of global warming in 2010?



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    2010 saw a continuation of the global warming trends we’ve been seeing for the past decade or two.  Sea levels continued to rise, droughts continued to ravage, and arctic ice continued to melt.  Further, the first five months of 2010 saw heat waves all over the world, the highest global temperatures ever recorded for those months. 

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    Global warming has continued in the manner that most scientists have predicted with further artic and glacial ice melts around the world, sea levels rising, droughts and heat waves.  Many people do not realize that the extremely cold winter and increased storm activity is also predicted in the global warming scenario – and they believe that this indicates that there is no problem.  Part of the issue is the name “Global Warming” which doesn’t simply mean that the only changes and negative affects are heat.  So you will see or hear people say things like – “It’s 15 degrees out and our city had record lows last night – so I’m not to worried about global warming” because they don’t understand that the records being set for those cold temperatures and increased storms is also a result of changing weather patters from global warming.

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    While there were signs of global warming that occurred in 2010, taken by themselves, it is hard to definitively say they were caused by global warming. However, if you step back fifty years, you can see how weather events in 2010 were a part of an overall trend caused by global warming. For example, in the Northeast region of the United States, there has been a 67% increase in the amount of precipitation during heavy rainfalls over the past 50 years. Hotter summers, more rainfall, and melting ice caps all provide evidence of global warming, especially when looked at over a larger time period.

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    For a further exploration of the excellent above answers, I actually did a blog with Green Answers, exploring the key indications of climate change in 2010. This questions was actually featured as a part of it! If you’re interested, the link is below, with a space at the bottom for further questions.

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