What were some cool green gadgets given for gifts this year?



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    I’m including a couple of links to lists of eco-friendly gadgets. Among the coolest I found were: the Volaic Backpack, a pack with three solar panels so you’ll always have power for small gadgets and appliances; the Anycom Bluetooth Solar Car Kit, which allows for solar-powered hands-free talk by attaching to the car windshield; the Bedol Water-Powered Clock, a cheap little clock that runs entirely on water and lemon juice; and the WattStopper Occupency Sensor, which automatically turns on the light in a room when you enter and turns it off when you leave.

    I also really liked that Yahoo listed a water buffalo as a gift you can give to someone in a developing country. It really is a green way of supplying power, milk, fertilizer, and a way to haul stuff from place to place.

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