what were the negative traits of Alfred Nobel?



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    Since he died in 1896, any personality traits will have to be gleaned from biographies, ideally citing people who knew him. Without considerable research, you’re most likely to find straightforward factual information about the contributions he made, such as the invention of dynamite and the Nobel Prizes, and little subjective information about him as a person.

    I’d suggest finding a good, early biography of him, reading it, and drawing your own conclusions.

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    A few sources suggest that he was a lonely recluse who had trouble in his romantic life. As a child he was also sickly, which caused him to be greatly attatched to his mother–although this isn’t necessarily a negative trait.  He apparantly was opposed to women’s suffrage and had a pessimistic view on nation states, and perhaps mankind in general, despite his commitment to pacifism.

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    Not to say that being a weapons manufacturer is inherently negative, but there’s a case to be made that Nobel, in his role as a weapons innovator, might have indirectly contributed to a certain degree of human pain and misery. Of course, in fairness, he also might have indirectly contributed to a lot of lives saved as well.

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